Reigniting the desire to come to school with Governor-General, Ms Quentin Bryce

Hands On Learning Australia has helped hundreds of kids stay at school since 1999. In this short video former HOL students share their stories of what school was like for them, how HOL helped them, and what they’re doing now.

The power of early intervention in secondary school to build selfesteem and turn young lives around was palpable during a recent visit to Hands On Learning (HOL) at the Collingwood Alternative School by HOL Patron and Governor-General, Ms Quentin Bryce AC CVO, and Mr Michael Bryce AM AE.

Young people were front and centre as past student and HOL Director, Julie Klein hosted a round table of students, principals, teachers, parents and supporters sharing their first-hand experience of how Hands On Learning works to stop kids dropping out of school.

Collingwood’s David Chebbo described his pride and satisfaction helping build the Victorian Ash table that was the centrepiece of the meeting, while Sale College student Adam Schade travelled six hours to tell Her Excellency about his transformation from regular suspensions to school leader this year. McClelland College’s Katie Downie was frank about just how much she enjoys Hands On Learning every week – explaining that the key difference for her is that she really wants to come to school now and has a vision for her future.

Her Excellency commended the success of students involved in the Hands On Learning approach,which increases their participation and confidence at school.
Julie introduces video snapshots of HOL alumni sharing the long term benefits they derived from HOL. The videos highlighted how and why HOL works and compliment the quantitative evidence of lower unemployment, significant drops in detentions and suspensions, and higher attendance rates for HOL students. View the videos online here –

McClelland College’s Katie Downie meets the Governor-General, accompanied by fellow students Tim Mullins and Josh Hosking, and Sale College’s Adam Schade (centre).

Photos by Anthony McKee.