Virtual 3D learning in Singapore

Worldskills Champions Michael Christensen (Canada) and Simon Noerdjan (Suriname) are half way through a three-month adventure in Singapore where they are taking part in the second WorldSkills and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Virtual 3D Learning Innovation Lab.

While in Singapore, Michael and Simon will develop a virtual 3D water supply training application, which will be used in ITE’s Facilities Management courses.
The application will give students an overview of the conventional Singapore water supply system from rainwater to reservoir to storage tank collection and will enable them to explore the processing and maintenance of rooftop water tanks.

Michael and Simon are working closely with ITE staff and personnel at the Singapore Public Utility Board to develop the learning design modules.
For Michael, the facilities at ITE have exceeded his expectations. He has had his eyes opened to the potential of virtual 3D learning for education and skills training.
“It’s fair to say I was blown away after just seconds of using the Icube hardware!” says Michael. “I envision this being used in all areas of skilled trades training. Specifically in the construction industry where training can be wasteful and not very environmentally friendly.”

Virtual 3D learning engages students in a visual, auditory and kinaesthetic experience without the associated costs of hands-on training. For example, they can learn how to build a house without felling a single tree.

Michael and Simon will unveil their final training application in June during Singapore’s International Water Week. Their application will then be implemented in Facilities Management courses at ITE from September where it will complement training for over 500 students.

With the first module of their lab coming to a close, Michael and Simon look forward to the next stage of their work. They feel the bulk of their learning challenges have been overcome and they are now keen to see what they can really achieve.