Doors are opening for The Social Outfit

The Social Outfit signed the lease on 353 King Street in February and are now in the process of fitting out their new training, retail and manufacturing hub. Finally they’ll have a bricks and mortar base from which they can grow their creative work and extend an invitation to people from new migrant and refugee communities to engage with all aspects of their operations.

For approximately two years, a diverse group of committed people have been collaborating to make The Social Outfit start up a reality in Sydney. Over this time they’ve also had financial support from a wide range of philanthropists and foundations who have believed in their dream.Operating a retail outlet that is visible and open to the community will ensure income from The Social Outfit’s sales goes straight back into the business to help build their accredited programs.Volunteers and paid staff from new migrant and refugee communities will also gain valuable on the job training, English literacy and numeracy skills, confidence, and they will learn about Australian culture through their interactions with customers and other volunteers.

“One of the differences between The Social Outfit and other accredited courses is that we provide on-the-job training. Running a store based in the community helps engage people in learning in a practical way,” says Jackie Ruddock, CEO of The Social Outfit.

The Social Outfit is now also searching for their first cohort of students. Students need to come from new migrant and refugee communities and be interested in learning practical sewing skills, especially in clothing production.The Social Outfit are working in partnership with the outreach team at Sydney Institute, TAFE to ensure participants gain ‘job ready’ qualifications as part of the program. If you know anyone who might be interested in studying with The Social Outfit, please contact Jackie