The science of long-term engagement

NISEP’s science expos have proved time and again to be the most effective way to stimulate interest in education and science, develop links with schools and local communities and provide students with information about tertiary education.

NISEP runs eight science expos annually at eight high school campuses across NSW. These expos provide peer supported learning opportunities through training Aboriginal student volunteers to deliver a range of science-based practical activities to their school’s year 7 and special education students. They create an opportunity for students to connect with real scientists instead of reading out of a book, to engage in hands-on activities and to mix with others from different age groups, which in turn improves their communication skills, expands their horizons and demystifies science and higher education.

The events are genuinely engaging for students, staff and community. They build on a long-term engagement with these eight schools and as a result, NISEP is developing deep relationships with these student volunteers in a sustained way that is informing educational outcomes.

Teachers report that previously shy students have flourished into engaged, outgoing individuals, they have more faith in their abilities and what they can achieve, preserve with their studies and consider going on to further education.
To learn more about NISEP’s science expos and the benefits of the program, watch Casino High School students and teachers reflect on their experiences here: