Images That Talk

With another school term underway comes The Sydney Story Factory’s new after school program ‘Radio with Pictures.’ This program will see participants create a series of animated stories.
Inspired by GRAPHIC festival, a weekend celebrating the art of graphic storytelling, animation & music at The Sydney Opera House, ‘Radio with Pictures’ encourages students to explore how visual and aural ingredients can work hand-in-hand with words to tell a story.

Students will work in groups of four to create a narrative written by hand. They will then draw eight still pictures, which will take the place of words to tell particular parts of the story. Next up, music and sound effects will be devised to complete the picture. Professional illustrators will then redraw their images while professional audio producers will work with the students to realise their sound ambitions. These will coalesce in a final animation, which will be screened at The Martian Embassy later this year.

Piloted in 2013, The Sydney Story Factory found that students loved engaging with music while also learning about the power of images to sometimes say more than words. They must be onto something as this new addition to Sydney Story Factory’s after school programs is already booked out!