Learning Choices Case Studies — Tenison Woods College Flexible Learning Program, South Australia

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Tenison Woods College Flexible Learning Program (FLP), Mt Gambier, South Australia
Tenison Woods College, a co-educational catholic college, established the FLP in 2002 to cater specifically for students who benefit from “hands-on” learning, would like to enter the workforce, have caring responsibilities, have disabilities, are young parents or are homeless or living in poverty.
Tenison WoodsThe FLP is aimed at helping students complete their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) outside of a “traditional classroom.” They recognise the need to need the students’ welfare and pastoral needs before any learning can begin.
Every student has a case manager who works to create an individual curriculum plan to meet the student’s specific needs and aspirations. Students spend 2-5 days in the program, but do not attend regular school classes. Instead they participate in a range of community based learning activities, such as volunteering or community work. Students complete compulsory units such as mathematics and English via online and distance education packages.
The FLP has developed strong partnerships with local employers, education and training providers, government support agencies, NGOs and volunteer organisations to support and enhance students’ programs.
90% of the students on the FLP complete the SACE, and staff put this down to the case management approach, flexibility of the program, customized support structure and the recognition of difference and the empowerment of students that the FLP encourages.
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