Reflecting on Creativity Workshop

As part of the Creative Collective ConnectED Program, teachers and learning practitioners collaborated on a workshop which focused on how they can engage their wider school community to create a collection of stories. The workshop was based on Sydney Story Factory’s experience of creating a book called “Home” in which more than 270 people contributed stories, memories and ideas about life in Redfern.  JOY SULIMAN reflects on her experience.

Reflecting on Creativity: Sydney Story Factory workshop at Creative Collective

CREATIVITY. . . I believe in the transformative power of creativity. I want to share that power with as many people as possible. To make, to create, is a kind of everyday magic. I see it taking shape and shaping the world all around me – in my life, in the lives of young people, children, and adults that I work with.
So I love seeing new ways to bring creativity into the world. Shortcuts, tools, techniques, structures, whatever it takes to tap the imagination into action, and just as importantly, give expression to that imagination. Sydney Story Factory are in that business, and for a while in this workshop I was able to give myself over to their creative process, in this case the “homezine” storytelling method. I was reminded of some things that are always worth being reminded of:

  • everyone has a story
  • the personal is powerful
  • connection is important
  • start simple and close, and push outwards – and not always right at the very beginning or from scratch
  • make multiple entry points for engagement
  • celebrate form and structure, but also break it sometimes
  • community engagement takes time, patience, and genuine listening
  • everyone loves something you can hold in your hand
  • people want to share, they want to say “this is me!” “I made this!”

Thanks to Matt and Helen and the Sydney Story Factory crew for sharing this wonderful technique and the inspiring story of their work on the home project. They gave me the chance to express a story and create a vehicle for sharing that expression, and I walked out feeling just a little bit transformed, just a little bit more powerful, just a little bit more connected to both myself and to my community. Magic.

Click here to view the video highlights from the “Home” workshop.