The Bermuda Triangle by Holly

“I woke very early that morning and slipped on my jeggings, top, and fluffy warm jumper. I went over to my bag and dropped in the old compass my grandmother gave me when I was 12. I’ve had it for the past four years. I left a little note to my grandparents who I live with and I set off to the Miami coast. When I finally got there it was six o’clock. I quickly raced over to a security guard to ask where plan 1926 was.  He pointed to a purple plane with green wings. I started walking over to it with the keys spinning around my finger when the man stopped me in my tracks and asked with a rather stern voice “and where may I ask are you taking my plane?”
I reached into my pocket and pulled out a post-it-note with coordinates. He looked at me and burst out laughing.

“You’ll be lucky if you make it out alive. Have you any idea what’s out there?!” he asked.
“As a matter of fact that is what I’m going to find out.” I strode off to the plane and geared up the engine, I looked back at the man who appeared to be laughing while shaking his head.  I took no notice and took off.

I wasn’t even in the plane for 5 mins when the wind started picking up. I noticed a massive storm in front of me. I looked at my co-ordinates and the cockpit screen. I couldn’t go around the storm so I went in.  As I got closer and closer I found the plane was getting more and more difficult to control.  My compass went berserk and the whole plane was shaking. I couldn’t see the blue sky anymore. Everything was black and terribly spooky, as if a black blanket covered my plane.  I couldn’t see anything so I contacted Miami air control but I couldn’t pick up a signal.  It became a bit brighter but that was when I saw a huge ferocious monster coming at me, it looked like a weird green electronic mist. At this point all of my controls were spinning like mad. I tried to turn back but I couldn’t.  I felt like something was drawing me in.”

This story was produced during a Sydney Story Factory workshop. Find out more about these creative writing programs that light the spark of creativity in young people and help them find their voice.

Illustration by Matt Roden