Gold Logie for Little J and Big Cuz

A huge congratulations to our partners at Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) with their school readiness TV initiative winning the 2018 Gold Logie for ‘Most outstanding children’s program’.

The initiative has been designed for pre-school and primary school aged Indigenous children across Australia with the aim of improving early childhood learning and school readiness. Each episode is aligned with the Australian Early Years Learning Framework and provides free online educator resources and games.

Little J & Big Cuz discover what day to day school life is all about and with the help of Nanna and their teacher Ms Chen, they learn about culture, community and country. The series has been re-voiced and screened in Pitjantjara, Arrernte, Palaw kani, Yawuru and Walmajarri.

Dusseldorp Forum is supporting the evaluation of the initiative for children, communities and schools. Results from the evaluation will assist in developing future series and will help to tailor resources in order to maximise the overall effectiveness of the initiative. The report is expected later this year.