Dusseldorp Forum is supporting Jesuit Social Services in their campaign to improve youth justice in Victoria. They’ve launched their #WorthASecondChance campaign that calls for a youth justice system that adopts approaches that are proven to work, such as early intervention, local community initiatives and education.

Victoria was once nation leading in it’s approach to supporting kids in trouble but there is a growing ‘tough on crime’ stance that doesn’t recognise the factors that lead to young people getting into trouble in the first place. It doesn’t do anything to improve the lives of young people in crisis.

“ It’s not a battle against one political party or another – it’s about what type of society we want. ”
Jesuit Social Services, CEO Julie Edwards

The #WorthASecondChance campaign calls for:

  • Strengthening the foundations of the youth justice system and reinstating the approaches that will make communities safer
  • Supporting kids and communities to prevent offending by investing more in the programs proven to work, such as early intervention, local community initiatives and education
  • Giving kids the help they need to get back on track by providing support of the highest quality to young people in trouble to prevent further crime and improve outcomes

The campaign is driven by the experiences and stories of young people involved in the youth justice system.

You can watch more of their powerful stories here.

You can get involved by adding your name to the campaign petition or even volunteer to host a Kitchen Table Conversation with your friends, family or neighbours.

For more please information visit the campaign website.