Australian Philanthropy Awards

In July we were honoured to receive the Philanthropy Australia Award for the Best Large Grant 2019 alongside Maranguka Justice Reinvestment and Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation for Maranguka’s Justice Reinvestment Strategy.

The award recognises the role philanthropy has to play in communities like Bourke where they are driving their own agenda for change to ensure better life outcomes for their young people.

The philanthropic partnership has provided stability through multi-year funding for the core operating costs of Maranguka, and additional funding for activities driven by the community developed strategy that focuses on supporting young people and their families throughout their life journey. It has been flexible and responsive to needs of the initiative as they arose.

The philanthropic organisations have had a hands-on role in various aspects, from providing practical support to the Maranguka team in their pioneering work, advocating for the wider adoption of community-driven approaches, and connecting in funding partners and other supports.

However, the real catalyst of the philanthropic support was providing Maranguka and the Bourke community the independence, space and time to establish a new way of working and demonstrate outcomes.

In 2019, after demonstrating effective collaboration and improved community safety and educational outcomes in Bourke, both Federal and State Governments have committed five years of core funding for Maranguka’s operations.