We focus our resources on building and supporting initiatives that apply a holistic approach to young people’s development to deliver improved education, health and social outcomes for young people, their families and communities. We support approaches that enable young people to build fulfilling lives and address system barriers so positive change can be more widespread and sustainable.


We partner with place-based, community-led initiatives to deliver our strategic goals of improving health, education and social outcomes for children and families. We work collaboratively across government, not-for-profit, corporates, philanthropy and community to achieve lasting structural reform.

Our resources are currently committed to long-term partnerships with four lighthouse communities. We are not funding new initiatives at this time. However, this work requires multiple partners and perspectives. If your efforts align with our strategy and that of our current lighthouse partners we would be keen to hear from you to discuss opportunities for collaboration. Pleaseemail us or call us.


From 2016-2020 Dusseldorp Forum is focused on ensuring children and their families have strong learning, health and communities that enable them to flourish. We are supporting those on the ground, connecting and fostering collaboration and sharing evidence of what is working from across Australia.