Dusseldorp Forum is a learning organisation.

We believe it is critical that organisations track their success and recognise opportunities for improvement.

At Dusseldorp we have implemented the Philanthropy Benchmark Index (PBI), an independent survey of our partners conducted by research consultancy Pollinate, where our partners provide honest, anonymous feedback about their experience of working with us and how we can improve the way we work.

We work with our partners to ensure they are tracking their results through regular progress reports, looking for honesty about what is working and is not working, and evaluations over the longer-term to build evidence about their effectiveness.

This data informs the internal monitoring of our goals, which are shared with our Board through board reports. We schedule annual reviews of our strategy involving staff, trustees, partners and external expertise, where required, and will adjust our plan in response.

We will regularly share outcomes of our partners’ work and evaluation and will ensure our own openness and accountability through publishing an Annual Year in Review document.

View our PBI 2015 results below.