These principles are a checklist of attributes and behaviours that we look for when assessing potential partnerships. They also provide an outline of our expectations of our partner relationships.
We acknowledge that barriers exist for some young people more than others and that multiple factors affect their ability to thrive. We look for partnerships that redress inequality and ensure greater opportunity for young people.
Active engagement
We are an organisation that is engaged in its partnerships and relationships. We look for partners who can benefit from more than funding support with a focus on strengthening capacity, capabilities and credibility to increase their impact.
Systemic change
We have a strategic focus on system change and look to organisations that are focussed on system barriers and their solutions.
Measurable impact
Being able to measure and show impact is a vital part of creating social and system change. Building an evidence base is an essential component in our partnerships.
We look to partner with organisations that take a long-term view and have considered their future path to sustainability.
Community led
We expect and resource the genuine engagement of community leadership in the design and delivery of solutions.
We believe in the power of working together to solve complex problems and want to work with others who demonstrate this belief. We value the open source ethos of making what we learn freely available, shareable and open for others to build upon.

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