To connect the dots for an Australia where all young people thrive.

Dusseldorp Forum has a 25 year history of working to improve the educational and life opportunities of children and young people throughout Australia.

Established in 1989 on the retirement of GJ (Dick) Dusseldorp, the founder of the Lend Lease Group of Companies, we are an independent, non-partisan foundation that funds our own work.

Our goals

We believe that every child deserves to thrive.
In order to thrive we believe children and young people need:

Strong learning

Young people are engaged in learning that is inclusive and effective equipping them with the knowledge and capabilities to take up opportunities and make choices across their learning lifespan.

Strong health

Young people have their wellbeing, mental and physical health needs met to enable them to have full and long lives of economic, civic and cultural participation.

Strong communities

Young people belong to safe, resourced communities where their voices are heard, where they can contribute to community-led, decision-making and where their cultural identity is respected and supported.

Strong evidence

All initiatives aimed at improving outcomes for young people build and share evidence of effectiveness.

For the next five years we will focus our resources on building and supporting initiatives that apply a holistic approach to young people’s development – integrating each of our four goals to deliver improved education, health and social outcomes for young people, their families and communities.

Our priority is to improve the lives of vulnerable children and young people living in communities that experience recurring hardship.

We support holistic approaches that enable young people to build fulfilling lives and address system barriers so positive change can be more widespread and sustainable.