Our core values stem directly from the deeply held beliefs and practices of the Forum’s founder GJ (Dick) Dusseldorp. They underpin our guiding principles and inform our relationships and actions.
We are an independent foundation that funds our own work. We are not politically or commercially aligned and therefore able to convene and facilitate across sectors from a non-partisan platform.
We value the ability to turn insurmountable obstacles into opportunities and creative solutions. We look to support individuals and organisations that take risks to challenge the status quo and shine a light on the way forward.
We value bringing together diverse individuals, communities, governments and organisations around a common interest to create sustainable solutions to complex problems.
We value open and respectful relationships that are built on trust and transparency.

“Society has chopped itself up into compartments and there is just no more discourse, no more communal things. If you were to ask me,“how would you describe yourself,” I would say I was an integrator. I am not against specialisation, but I am interested in integrating the specialists to get the best possible results.”

GJ (Dick) Dusseldorp