Place-Based Resilience during COVID-19: Logan Together

With the arrival of COVID-19, it quickly became apparent to Logan Together that there were urgent needs to be met in the community and that new partnerships and responses would be required.

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Justice reinvestment in Bourke

During 2013, members of the Justice Reinvestment campaign, the Bourke Aboriginal Community Working Party and the Australian Human Rights Commission worked together to develop a proposal for implementing justice reinvestment in Bourke.

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Bourke community approach lowers crime rate

Since the beginning of 2016 there seems to have been a renewed wave of energy around the crisis facing Australia and the rate at which its young Indigenous people are imprisoned.

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Bourke – A beacon of hope

Maranguka Justice Reinvestment recently launched a report by KPMG that shows community led changes in Bourke generated $3 million of savings in 2017

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Dusseldorp Forum is supporting Jesuit Social Services in their campaign to improve youth justice in Victoria. They’ve launched their #WorthASecondChance