A key part of Dusseldorp Forum’s strategy is to connect diverse individuals and organisations across sectors to foster collaborative relationships and collective actions to generate more coordinated strategic effort and structural reform. One of the ways we explore this is through an annual event that brings together change-makers from across Australia to share what they are learning and grow together.

How communities are leading a movement for change.

In May 2017 Dusseldorp Forum began a collaborative, three-year process called the ‘Festival of Change’.

It started with four community-based initiatives – Maranguka Justice Reinvestment, Logan Together, Our Place and Warddeken Land Management – coming together to distil what works and why, share evidence and resources and build a greater collective voice to advocate for the systemic reform required to shift long-term outcomes for children and communities.


In July 2019, change-makers from across the four communities boarded charter flights to the remote Arnhem Land community of Kabulwarnamyo, the ancestral homeland of the Mok clan and headquarters for the Warddeken Rangers and Nawarddeken Academy, for the third Festival of Change.

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