The Seeds to Success Bush Tucker Project is an Indigenous Leadership and public speaking program that involves aboriginal students attending school working with Aboriginal role models and community elders to develop leadership and public speaking skills.

Aboriginal students undertake the 10 week Seeds to Success Bush Tucker program, establishing garden beds and planting of native plants traditionally used by Aboriginal people. Students work with elders and role models to learn various plants and their traditional uses. They then learn basic tour guiding and speaking skills needed to successfully conduct a bush tucker tour for students at their school.

In 2015 and 2016 Dusseldorp Forum has supported First Hand Solutions with grants totalling $14,000 to deliver their Seeds to Success Bush Tucker Project.

In 2016 the La Perouse school established a native bee hive so they could learn about the role the native bee plays in sustaining our environment and also harvest the honey and the wax to be used for didgeridoo mouth pieces.  Find out more about the program here.