We look to partner with visionary people and organisations dedicated to growing the long-term learning, health and social outcomes for Australian children, families and communities. We look for the lighthouses, those shining a light on the way forward and demonstrating what can be achieved when you hand power to communities and let them decide how resources should be mobilised. We strongly believe in long-term relationships built on commitment and trust. We walk alongside our partners supporting them across a range of areas including capacity development, advocacy and governance. We provide opportunities for partners to share their work through our relationships with government, community, corporate and philanthropy. We share our internal resources and skills and connect partners with other experts to increase their impact. 

Looking to partner with us?

We are currently delivering our 2016-2020 strategy partnering long-term with a small number of lighthouse communities. We do not make grants and there is no application process for working with us. If your work aligns with our strategy and that of our current lighthouse partners then we’d like to see how we can help you connect in. Please email us or call us to discuss.