Dusseldorp Forum and Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF) are working in partnership to develop DAF.Ed, a tool to that supports young people and educators to achieve positive change in education through documentary.

Media education has been included as a mandatory component of the Arts within the new Australian national curriculum, which purports to set out a framework that encompasses core knowledge, understanding and skills critical to twenty-first century learning. This will position Australia as the only country to require media education as a compulsory aspect of Arts education and one of the first to implement a sequenced national media education curriculum from pre-school to year 12. (Dezuanni & Ryan 2014)

DAF.Ed supports educators in using documentary films and filmmaking in the classroom with accessible equipment and software. From 2017 DAF.Ed is offering:
  • 1-day and 2-day teacher professional development courses
  • Documentary film screenings for schools
  • Curated selection of quality documentary films and resources for the classroom
  • Online support and resources for teachers

Dusseldorp Forum is supporting DAF with $100,000 over two years. Read more about DAF.Ed here.