We partner with visionary people and organisations dedicated to improving the long-term learning, health and social outcomes for vulnerable young Australians. We partner long-term, with a select number of lighthouse initiatives; these are demonstration sites that shine the light on better ways to drive lasting and positive change in partnership with their communities.

Looking to partner?

Dusseldorp Forum is an operational foundation. We work with our partners across a range of areas including capacity development, advocacy and governance. We provide opportunities for partners to share their work through our relationships with government, community, corporates and philanthropy. We share our internal resources and skills and connect partners with other experts to increase their impact.

Our resources are currently committed to long-term partnerships with four lighthouse communities. We are not funding new initiatives at this time. However, this work requires multiple partners and perspectives. If your efforts align with our strategy and that of our current lighthouse partners we would be keen to hear from you to discuss opportunities for collaboration. Pleaseemail us or call us.