Dusseldorp Forum and the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) have partnered to evaluate the effectiveness of the school readiness television initiative called Little J and Big Cuz.

The school readiness TV initiative is designed for pre-school and primary school aged Indigenous children across Australia with the aim of improving early childhood learning and school readiness.

The TV show is a fun animated series that depicts school life such as show-and- tell, the terror of school performances and the joys of lunchtime. Children watching the show will learn along with five year old Little J (ask him and he’ll say he’s nearly 6) and his 9 year old female cousin Big Cuz. They are a couple of Indigenous kids living with their Nanna and her old dog, called Old Dog. They love to explore the world around them through the gaps in Nanna’s back fence, and with the help of Nanna and their school teacher Ms Chen, they learn to understand and appreciate their world, their culture and how home and school can work together.