Beyond Empathy: 3 Moree

3 Moree is a potentially ground-breaking joint venture between the local Moree Aboriginal Education Consultative Group, Moree East Public School, Kiah Aboriginal Pre school, the Aboriginal Employment Strategy and Beyond Empathy (BE) – that seeks to improve educational and social outcomes for Aboriginal children in Moree.

National cultural development and community arts company, BE, galvanises communities through dance, film making, photography, sculpture or writing; it joins with the community to create 3 Moree in response to the NSW State Government’s Connected Communities approach.

3 Moree is named for its three strands that strengthen the school as a community hub. These are:

  • Mubali: Connects Aboriginal women aged 14 to 24 to Aboriginal midwifery and health services through creative arts; the Mubali rooms are within the school.
  • Connexion: In 2015 BE works with Kiah Aboriginal Pre School with 0 to 5 year olds and t