Make It Work

2010 – 2012

Building on its experience in starting up the Career WorkKeys community based labour hire program on the Central Coast, Dusseldorp Skills Forum is working in partnership with Narrabri Shire Council, MAKE IT WORK, AgriFood Skills Australia, and Tocal College to pilot an innovative cross industry skills program aimed at breeding flexibility and responsiveness in local labour forces, building resilience into regional economies and retaining skills and people in regions.

A partnership project with Narrabri Shire Council, MAKE IT WORK, Agrifood Skills Australia, Tocal College and Dusseldorp Skills Forum

Keeping skills in the Narrabri region

Tailored to the needs of the labour market in the Narrabri region, ‘MAKE IT WORK: Sharing Workers Locally’ is a new and sustainable cross industry approach to addressing the rural skills shortage and attracting, skilling and retaining the local workforce.

It is important for regions to have a flexible and multi-skilled workforce that is able to move between jobs as seasonal and market fluctuations occur. The challenge for businesses, particularly those operating on a seasonal basis, is to ensure that they have adequately skilled people when and where they need them.

Sharing Workers Locally aims to address this need by coordinating seasonal labour for host employers in a range of industries, including agriculture, mining, manufacturing, infrastructure management and retail, providing employers with the skilled workers they need, and regional workers with continual employment throughout the year.

Narrabri Shire Council will employ workers to meet the seasonal employment needs of local businesses, coordinating placement of workers by matching their skills to the needs of the business. During seasonal employment lows, workers will participate in training and become part of Council’s workforce.

Developing Skills

Sharing Workers Locally is providing a system to train people locally that does not currently exist.

To ensure the development of cross industry skills, workers will complete a Certificate III in Rural Operations through a combination of on and off the job training.

This certificate will educate workers in:

  • Chemical application, transport and storage.
  • Operation, transport and maintenance of tractors, equipment and specialised machinery including backhoe, loader, ride-on vehicles and forklifts.
  • Operation and recovery of four-wheel drive vehicles.
  • Cleaning machinery of plant, animal and soil material.
  • Welding using manual and gas metal arc welding processes.
  • Traffic control.

Along with the skills outlined above, workers will also be trained in carrying out workplace OH&S procedures, responding to emergencies and providing basic first aid.

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