Our Place

Our Place is a fully integrated education model which brings together high quality early learning, effective schooling, wrap around health and wellbeing services, adult education training and employment and engagement and enrichment activities for children and families to meet the needs and help fulfil the aspirations of community.

What’s possible when your school is a community hub?

The model was initiated by the Colman Foundation who initially made a 10 year, $5M commitment to Doveton College, VIC and worked with other philanthropy and service providers, to develop an integrated, place-based, family-focused community hub as a core part of the school.

The Our Place model places the local school at the heart of the community and brings together the best quality resources and opportunities so that these children, adults and families have what they need to thrive. While children are engaged in learning their parents can take up opportunities that lead to jobs and for the community.

Doveton College’s success had led to the Our Place model being rolled out in an additional 10 communities across Victoria in partnership with the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

Partnership, Achievements and Resources

 Dusseldorp Forum has partnered with Our Place since 2016 and in 2018 committed t0 a further 10 year partnership for the replication of elements of the Our Place Model in Robinvale, VIC.

Other Doveton families have seen someone from their own community step up and better themselves.And I did better myself, with the support of Doveton College, and in doing so my children’s lives are better.

Lexi, Doveton, VIC