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DSF partnered with Dare to Lead and the Ernabella Anangu School in South Australia in a remote indigenous community to provide real pathways from school to work for young people.

DSF attended the Tri-state remote education in March 2009 in Alice Springs and following a presentation that outlined the dire situation of virtually zero employment for young people in remote communities, we approached  the former Principal of Ernabella Anangu School, Sam Osborne, to look at developing a genuine school to work transition project by supporting the existing school based construction program at Ernabella Anangu School (remote North West SA) to develop into a pathway to post school training and employment.

Lisa Solomon, the school principal, key  elders and other leaders within the school, the community and the district education including Makinti Minutjukur , director of the regional education council (PYEC) and Katrina Tjitayi, District School Improvement Co-ordinator. have been engaged in the process and it is likely  that the community can take a step from purely school based activity to community based employment in 2010.

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Watch The Video

This video records the story of Ernabella’s successful construction history and the thoughts and sentiments of elders who can encourage young people to get involved and to lead the discussion at community level.

Aaron Tjangala (team leader)

Errol Wells with his wife and daughter

Katrina Tjitayi, Umatji Tjitayi, Anne Jack and Yurpiya Lionel.