The Bread and Butter Project

The Bread & Butter Project is an artisan bakery social enterprise that provides training and employment opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers based in Sydney.

Established by the founders of the highly successful Bourke Street Bakery, their traditionally crafted loaves are made from the highest quality ingredients and are delivered to many of Sydney’s fine food purveyors.

The Marrickville-based bakery opened in April 2013 and over the last 12 months their trainees who have sought refuge from civil war in Burma or from conflict-ravaged Afghanistan, have baked bread while completing a TAFE accredited traineeship. The Bread & Butter Project thus provides both immediate paid employment and pathways to future employment in the artisan baking and hospitality industry.

As a social enterprise, 100% of The Bread & Butter Project’s profits are reinvested into training initiatives for communities in need.

Visit the Bread and Butter Project website here:

Give a person a loaf of bread and they will eat for a day. Teach them how to bake and they will eat forever.