Past Partners


Dusseldorp Forum and the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) have partnered to evaluate the effectiveness of the school readiness television initiative called Little J and Big Cuz.


Big Picture Education Australia

Dusseldorp Forum has partnered with Big Picture Education Australia to develop a parallel pathway to university for Big Picture students. Big Picture Education is a not-for-profit network of educators implementing an innovative design for schools.

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Sydney Story Factory

The Sydney Story Factory is a creative writing centre with a twist. Young people enter through the The Martian Embassy and Gift Shop – a fantastical space designed to take them out of their everyday world and ignite their imaginations.

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The Aurora Project

Dusseldorp Forum partners with The Aurora Project to support the development and delivery of The Aspiration Initiative (TAI) academic enrichment program, an innovative pilot program that embeds Aboriginal knowledge at its core. The program is the first of its kind in Australia.

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WorldSkills Foundation

The WorldSkills Foundation (WSF) was launched in Madrid, Spain in 2011 and is the research, advocacy and education arm of WorldSkills International. Its purpose is to complement the WorldSkills Competition. In this way the Foundation aims to achieve its shared mission with WorldSkills International to promote skills across the world.

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