Learning Choices case studies

In the following case studies you can delve deeper to explore the real work organisations are doing to keep young people connected to learning and to understand why some young people will thrive in a particular program and how programs develop to provide a range of options.

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Learning Choices database

All young people should have access to learning that enables them to gain the knowledge and skills required to realise their potential, build a rewarding future and make informed learning and employment decisions throughout their lives.

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Investing Wisely

Fresh approaches to national skills training are urgently needed in order to meet the challenges of the economic downturn and to position Australia for a return to growth and prosperity, according to a consortium of peak industry, trade union and youth advocacy bodies.

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Career Education and Guidance for the Next Millennium

This report puts forward a set of practical and workable suggestions for improving career education and guidance as well as key themes arising from career education and guidance such as student needs, best practice and innovation.

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