Skills Across the World 1999

Building on the success of the project in Makwe, the following years,1999 and 2000, saw a cluster of schools in the vicinity benefit from SAW teams.

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Skills Across the World 1998

Zimbabwe as it is where the first muti-national, multi-skilled SAW project took place, in a community called Makwe in 1998.

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TRAC Challenge 1991

TRAC was a pioneering program of vocational learning for school students in Years 11 and 12 centred around structured and assessed work placements. It was designed and developed in 1989 by the Dusseldorp Skills Forum.

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Captain Y Green

This training video has been produced to assist Y Green programs replicate the Captain Y Green experience to assist with household recruitment through local primary schools.

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Launch of Keeping Up

Watch Tiga Bayles' welcome from the launch of 'How young Indigenous people are faring' and 'Keeping Up' and hear from practitioners working in the good practice examples.

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