Australia’s Young Adults: The Deepening Divide

This report, which follows the 1998 publication Reality and Risk, provides a national perspective on developments that have affected young adults in the 1990s. It highlights some trends that have emerged over the last two decades for young Australians.

This summary, “Young Peoples’ Transition from Education to Work: Performance Indicators” provides an overview of the How Young People are Faring 1999 report.

icon Preface (10.54 kB)
Author: Jack Dusseldorp – Dusseldorp Skills Forum

icon A Crucial Point in Life: Learning, Work and Young Adults (299.42 kB)
Author: John Spierings – Dusseldorp Skills Forum

icon Rapporteur’s Observations (57.32 kB)
Author: Meredith Edwards – University of Canberra

icon The Labour Market for Young Adults (288.43 kB)
Authors: Mark Wooden and Adriana VandenHeuvel – National Institute of Labour Studies, Flinders University