The Case for Inclusive Learning Systems

The Case for Inclusive Learning Systems – Building more Inclusive Learning Systems in Australia by Dr Ani Wierenga and Jo Taylor is a Dusseldorp Forum report based on a series of national consultations, a review of research evidence and a review of current policy and practice.

The report documents successful models already working across the country and how states and territories can build upon this. It also looks at various parts of the education system and includes the voices of young people who are now thriving in education thanks to flexible, inclusive learning approaches.

Importantly, The Case provides a framework and design principles that can be used to build flexible and inclusive learning systems that will increase engagement and outcomes for all young Australians.

Download The Case for Inclusive Learning Systems Report here.

It is time to acknowledge that “second chance” programs …, whether located in TAFE or in other settings, are an essential component in the overall provision of public education in New South Wales.  From a social justice perspective, it is unacceptable that educational services provided for this particularly vulnerable group of young people should be insecurely funded, under-resourced and perceived as ad hoc, temporary and marginal to core business…Young people seeking a second chance to enter education are some of the most disadvantaged young people in our community and should be given the same assurance; namely, the right to a permanent and sustainable learning environment.

Tony Vinson