Creative Learning

In this lecture Julian Sefton-Green talks about competing definitions of what ‘creative learning’ might mean, how it has been recognised, evaluated and described, how it has been imagined and implemented in practice, and how ideas of creative learning are present in studies of learning outside the school.

Creative Learning international expert,Dr Julian Sefton-Green, presented at a DSF sponsored lecture held at the end of 2011.

Sefton-Green argues that students’ creative learning depends on a quality of education where;

  • all young people from every kind of background are equally recognised as being creative learning engages young people in serious, meaningful, relevant, imaginative and challenging activities and tasks
  • young people are respected for their knowledge, experience and capabilities
  • young people have an individual and collective right to actively shape their education
  • teachers have the power to support, adapt and evaluate learning experiences for students, exercising their professional judgement
  • schools invest in teacher learning
  • schools build partnerships with creative individuals and organisations
  • schools enable young people to participate fully in social and cultural worlds 
  • families and local communities can play an inspiring and purposeful role in young people’s learning.

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For more information visit Julian Sefton-Green’s website.