Festival of Change 2018 Community Voices Project

We strongly value local knowledge, expertise and experience. As part of the Festival of Change 2018 we met and talked with community members from our partner communities to better understand what their community and the work of our partners, means to them.

Please click on the portraits below to meet some of the people who live in our partner communities of Bourke NSW, Kabulwarnamyo NT, Doveton VIC and Logan in QLD. Their voices and aspirations guide our work everyday. Read more about the Festival of Change 2018 here.

I know the young people I work with have issues in their lives. I’m interested in how you engage them in education and how to help them find their voice through that engagement. Aban Fadalla, DOVETON, VIC
Here at Doveton College we uphold differences including culture, religion and our preferences. It doesn’t matter who you are or who you choose to be. We all stand side by side with equality. Wyclinita Matamaki, DOVETON, VIC
Doveton has a profound effect on people. It’s not just made me a better teacher…through what I’ve learned here I’ve become a better dad and husband. It’s made me a better person. Mark Duncan, DOVETON, VIC
Other Doveton families have seen someone from their own community step up and better themselves. And I did better myself, with the support of Doveton College, and in doing so my children’s lives are better.
We don’t always know what we can trust but we can trust the bush, the bush will take care of us. This is why we want our kids to grow up in the bush – to learn here and to be protected. Conrad Marlangurra, KABULWARNAMYO, NT
I love the vibrant spirit and resilience of the Bourke community. Greg Moore, BOURKE, NSW
Success for me is the fact that I am employed, renting my own apartment and have been for more then two years, and that I own the car I have wanted since I was 15. Kynia Knight, BOURKE, NSW
I do this because it’s satisfying, strategic and rewarding. This work is my life, not a job. The Maranguka project is different because it’s community owned, lead, place based and grassroots. Success for us is a safer community, unified service sector and greater outcomes for our beautiful little community. Alistair Ferguson, BOURKE NSW
Communtiy to me means everything. It is the heart and soul. We are one community here in Bourke and everyone needs to pull together. Aunty June Smith, BOURKE NSW
I like to stay here in Kabulwarnamyo - it’s really good here, it’s a good place. Anyway, I want to get more education so I can get too many brains. Jemimah Djogiba, KABULWARNAMYO, NT

Meeting other people here made me realise I’m not the only one doing it tough and I’m not alone it this. Menora Howe , LOGAN, QLD

I have a life quote – when all is lost, all is left to gain. Brittany Coss, LOGAN, QLD
Many parents are dealing with situations sometimes beyond their control, without knowing where to turn to make things better. As a Community Empowerment Agent at Logan Together, I want to empower them to change that. Angela Tuisamoa, LOGAN, QLD

To me being a father means being there everyday for my boys, for cuddles and to show them the right path in life. I start work at 4.00am but I Facetime them every morning to say good morning and wish them a deadly day. Aaron Melville, LOGAN, QLD
I went to university but it was too far from home for me so I stopped and went back home. I really want kids to be able to get an education in the bush, an education at home. Rosemary Marlangurra, KABULWARNAMYO, NT

I have been at the school for three years now. I am proud. I thought of doing something else sometimes but then I think, I need to be there for those kids. Rhonda Nadjamerrek, KABULWARNAMYO, NT