NRGize Mentoring Workshop Handouts

The NRGize Mentoring Workshop equips participants with the knowledge and resources needed to run a successful, effective youth mentoring program.

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icon MODULE 1: Targeted Mentor Recruiting (605.41 kB)
icon MODULE 2: Screening Mentors (1.26 MB)
icon MODULE 3: Making and Supporting the Match (347.87 kB)
icon MODULE 4: Forming and Maintaining Partnerships (541.38 kB)
icon MODULE 5: Evaluation, Measuring Outcomes (914.49 kB)
icon MODULE 6: Promotion and Fundraising (885.62 kB)
icon MODULE 7: Mentor Training and Facilitation (455.73 kB)
icon MODULE 8: Building Relationships (798.31 kB)

January 2007



  • Dusseldorp Skills Forum