MoVE – International

A partnership project between WorldSkills Foundation and University of Tampere, University of Oxford and RMIT University with support from Dusseldorp Skills Forum, Skills Finland, WorldSkills Australia and UK Skills.

Research Project

Wouldn’t it be good if…

  • …we knew how to motivate young people to take up a trade;
  • …we could inspire vocational learners to reach for the stars;
  • …we could alert policy makers to the benefits of investing in vocational learning;
  • …we could get more employers engaged in WorldSkills;
  • …we could centre-stage vocational role models;
  • …we knew more about what it takes to produce high levels of vocational competence?

To address these questions we need:

  • to be able to tell young people positive stories about vocational careers;
  • ways of demonstrating the benefits of vocational learning;
  • evidence for employers about the benefits to their workplaces through participation in a community of excellence;
  • to track the processes of skill formation.

In short, we need valid reliable data – which is what the MoVE research project sets out to achieve.


The full research document below, available for download in pdf format, presents facts supporting the conclusion that international skills competitions do make a difference in quality and development of VET.

MoVE Global Report document (pdf – 5.5mb)
Annex to MoVE Global Report document (pdf – 12.5mb)

Our eBooklet ‘Inspiring Skills Excellence’ presents a summary of the MoVE report and research findings. English (EN), Spanish (ES) and Portuguese (PT) versions can be downloaded here:

MoVE eBooklet: Inspiring Skills Excellence (EN) (pdf – 500kb)
MoVE eBooklet: Inspiring Skills Excellence (ES) (pdf – 500kb)
MoVE eBooklet: Inspiring Skills Excellence (PT) (pdf – 500kb)

You are also invited to download the following Powerpoint slideshow, which presents a short introduction to WorldSkills and the MoVE project:

MoVE slideshow: Introduction to the project (pptx – 7.5mb)

More Information

Dr Helen Smith
Office of the Director TAFE
Ph: 0411 737 632


Start 2011 – Finish 2012.