Newspoll Youth Report

Newspoll Youth Report: What Young People are Thinking reveals quite a positive picture concerning young Australian’s current general life satisfaction, and also in relation to their optimism about their personal future.

Based on a poll of 803 young Australians:

  • 95% are satisfied with their life overall,
  • 88% are confident that everything will “work out okay” for them in their working life and career in the years ahead, and
  • 86% are confident they will be financially secure in the future – and believe they will achieve a standard of living as good as, or better than their parents.

These are the main findings of the latest report complementing Dusseldorp Skills Forum’s ‘How Young People are Faring’ series. The report provides insight into young Australians’ attitudes, opinions and experiences as far as work and study are concerned.

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April 2007


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