Year in Review 2017

It has been a truly transformative year for Dusseldorp Forum. While we understand quality education is essential for young people to thrive, schools alone cannot carry this load. Through its work Dusseldorp Forum has recognised that the responsibility for a young person’s wellbeing extends beyond the classroom and into communities.

This year the Forum embarked upon a new five-year strategy that supports a holistic approach to young people’s development, to deliver improved education, health and social outcomes for vulnerable children, their families and communities.

From 2016-2020 the Forum is committed to focus its resources on collective initiatives that better deliver supports that communities decide they want and need. Breaking with old models these initiatives are driving more effective use of public resources while addressing the underlying causes of disadvantage.

These are the lighthouses, the ones leading the nation in smarter ways to transform systems so that all young people can thrive.

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